Monday, December 12, 2011

Dying Breeds & When Giants Fall new videos

Понедельник начинается хорошо: два новых видео от разных, но хороших групп:
Dying Breeds  - Planet Me

When Giants Fall - Stay Young, Stay Strong

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Wonder Years new video

The Wonder Years - Came Out Swinging (Official Music Video)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New videos: Set Your Goals and Have Nots

Вчерашний день ознаменовался премьерой двух видео.
Set Your Goals выпустили ничем не примечательную нарезку их летнего тура с Warped Tour. Как бы ни о чем, но все равно приятно увидеть их рожи :)
Set Your Goals - The Last American Virgin

А вот Have Nots, как врочем и всегда, выпустили настоящий клип! Всё на высоте - отличная песня, хорошие слова, присутствует сюжет и никакого хеппи энда:
Have Nots - "Louisville Slugger" Paper + Plastick (BlankTV Premiere!)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

When Giants Fall (poppy hardcore / UK)

Совершенно случайно наткнулся на этих молодых модников когда просматривал клипы Man Overboard на ютубе.
У них, вроде бы, стандартный набор поппи-хк, от которого любого уже тошнит - синтезаторы, брейкдауны, сингалонги и тд и тп.
Но все же одна деталь, выделяет их на фоне всех остальных клонов - милая девочка, с меланхоличным, казалось бы вообще не подходящим голосом. Это то их спасает - ее меланхоличные завывания очень интересно контрастируют с триольками и молодежными сингалонгами.
Очень интересно, как будет развиваться группа  - пойдут ли по пути моды, или останутся верны панк року? Кто знает, может из них получатся  британские Heartsounds? Ждем новостей от них, релизов и прочего.

Залил 4ре доступных трека в совершенно разном качестве и форматах:

Ну и само видио:

Не правда ли, она очень мила? :)

I've  stumbled upon this  band while watching the Man Overboard's videos. This is a young poppy hardcore band from UK with all the required attributes for it: fast paced tracks, breakdowns, sing-a-longs  etc.  But there's one thing that stands them out of the crowd of cloned poppy-hc bands - cute and shy little girl Yasmin on the vocals. It's so weird to hear her singing this kind of music, but it somehow clicks and sounds unique and interesting. We'll see how things go with them - will they  take the right way of punk rock, or turn to some corporate fashionable whatever-rock? Who knows, maybe they're next UK's Heartsounds?

There's only four tracks available from them in different quality and format:

Friday, July 22, 2011

Off The Record references

Меня всегда инетересовали референсы из фильмов, которые используются как интро в песнях. Обычно это какие-то знаменитые цитаты или выражения, которые успели стать культовыми и крылатыми. В основном панк группы используют фразы из молодежных комедий, или просто комедий. Считаю что если группа вставляет в песню цитаты из фильмов, то этот фильм как минимум надо посмотреть, а как максимум, знать о нем еще раньше. Бывает, также, что сама цитата нераздельно связана с лирикой песни. 
Группа Preston, к примеру, была названа так по имени главного героя фильма Can't Hardly Wait - Престона.

 По мере того, как я буду находить референсы, буду их выкладывать сюда. Ну так, для себя, а может кому-то тоже интересно будет.
Надеюсь эта затея не умрет так же стремительно как кавер-баттл, в котором всеравно никто не голосовал.  У меня вконтактике, кстати целая куча каверов накопилось!

Начну со свеженьких референсов, найденных только сегодня.
Группа: Off the RecordАльбом: Remember When
Песня: Saturday Night Ride

Референс: целая семья школьных хулиганов (school bully ) O'Doyle, персонаж фильма 1995го года Billy Madison (с Адамом Сэндлером)
В этом случае цитата напрямую связана с текстом песни. В ней поется о школьном герое, игрока в футбол, который все никак не вырастет и живет своим прошлым.

Lost in the times of grey.
Just come out and say
what it is that makes you this way.
And we'll see that you cannot be
Like everybody else.
Psychiatric ward as a daily dose of therapy.

Why can't you get it through your mind that you are stuck in time?
Confined by boundaries set up by a great design.
But you think you can escape to a time of the past.
Football jock. Playing buttrock.
Hanging out and smoking your grass.


Why can't you see? You're not seventeen.
You work in a shop bathing collies.
You live in the past. Remember glory days,
stomping grounds, cool crowd, throwing your eggs.
Don't you just know that your life does go on.

Lost in the times of grey.
Just come out and say
what it is that makes you this way.
And we'll see that you cannot be
Like everybody else.
Psychiatric ward as a daily dose of therapy.

Just know that you can't stand up to the waves of this world.
They knock you down and cry
"I once was a great guy."
But that's in the past.
Soon so will you be too.
Unless you come to realize shaving dogs just isn't for you.

Песня: Another One 
 Референс: фраза из того же фильма Billy Madison.

Я, честно говоря, не понял к чему этот референс в этой песне. Да и сам текст песни для меня остался загадкой :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

New The Story So Far video

Check out the new video from TSSF, as someone on youtube said "easily one of the most up and coming pop punk bands".

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bigwheel (hardcore punk / USA)

Группа, обещающая стать моей любимой и Вашей тоже.

Bigwheel - Sometimes Were Not Pieced Together Right - 2004

Bigwheel - Frank [EP] - 2001

Bigwheel - Song's In The Key Of Incest - 1999

Bigwheel - Demo - 1997-1998

Due to some kind of freedom of speech repressions in Russia, our russian authors (Dima aka Punk182 in particular) can no longer visit or post to this blog. So I wiill be doing for them until this unfortunate situation will be resolved (or not).

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


3 guys 160 shows Donair 2.75 vans QC, Ontario,Alberta,British Columbia,Saskatchewan,Manitoba and Maritimes Lakeport Lager Capt.Morgan 7-11 Nachos Poutine Equals a recipe for disaster After numerous KM’s around Canada , we’ve received multiple applauses,kisses and props from punk rockers and hardcore kids abroad.

After touring experience , supporting shows for bands like Fake Problems,Off with Their Heads,Living With Lions,Static Thought,O Pioneers,The Artist Life, Fireworks,PO Box,World Inferno Friendship Society,The Snips, Carpenter,This is Hell, a MusiquePlus 123 Punk interview and video premier and their 2008 Vans Warped Tour appearance our cred expanded.

Spring 2010 ,we trekked in support of our 1st full length record “No Place for Foxes” produced by The Brains(stomp) Rene Garcia across the country from Halifax,NS to Vancouver,BC.

We are a hard working group of dudes who take eating cold chef Boyardi in Moncton,NB parking lots way too serious. Ladies and gentlemen … we’re W!NSLOW.

Довольно приятный коллектив из Канады, играющий драйвовый, цепляющий, в меру быстрый панк рок.

Winslow - 2007 - Last Is The New First CDR [EP]

Winslow - 2008 - Easy Access CDR [EP]

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Хорошая группа начала 2000х годов из Калифорнии! С удовольствием слушаю их иногда!! :)

Good band of early 2000s from California! I am pleased to listen to them sometimes!

Limitpoint - We Call This Life - 2003

Standing Down

Как то, давно, я загружал один релиз этой клевой группы. На этот раз представляю вашему вниманию другой релиз!

How then, long ago, I downloaded a release of this cool group. At this time, represent to your attention another release! enjoy!!

Standing Down - Bush To Join Elephants - 2005


Скейт-панк из Канады, любителям данного сочетания думаю понравится. Мелодичные в меру скоростные и цепляющие!!

Skate-punk from Canada, I think fans will like this combination. Melodious to measure speed and catchy!

Cricket - 220 Beats Per Minute - 2011

Jack's Broken Heart

Presenting indie rock-style conceptions attached by an intrepid emotional sense, Jack's Broken Heart emerged on the San Diego music scene in 1999. Vocalist Jason, Set (guitar), Bill (guitar), along with bassist Lee and David (drums), incarnate a crew that only three months after forming, recorded their first and self-released EP, Against Forgetting. Their straining indie creations rapidly started buzzing on the local club scene, and not long after, Jack's Broken Heart was playing on the same stage as Jimmy Eat World or Samian. The band also secured a special renown due to their rousing presentations conducted through an exhaustless concert schedule, and to significant airplay by local radio stations. In 2001, the Californians started working on their first album, at the same time preparing for their first U.S. tour.

Тотальное эмоциональное великолепие конца 90-х - начала 00-х из Калифорнии. Я не знаю, где нарыл их, но на фанки вроде бы нету. Меня давно так не цепляло плотно. Переслушиваю и наслаждаюсь. Очень и очень атмосферно... Тихие, мелодичные куплеты и громкие, взрывные припевы. Скриминга нету, но он тут и не нужен вовсе. Команда записала 2 ипишки, у меня есть 12 треков в одной папке, но я думаю, это ни в коем случае не помешает насладиться их крутостью.

Jack's Broken Heart - misc

Thursday, May 19, 2011

For Amusement Only

Изумительная банда из Астралии! На сумчатом континенте знают толк в панк музыке и эти ребята не исключение! Не чего необычного - простой, душевный поп-панк начала 2000х годов :)

Amazing band from Australia! At the marsupial continent know a lot about punk music and these guys are no exception! Not something unusual - a simple, soulful pop-punk's early 2000'h :)

For Amusement Only - Where Did We Go Wrong [EP] -2002

For Amusement Only - One For The Team - 2003

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nature Boy

Ребята из штатов, зарубающие клевый скейт/поп-панк!

The guys from the States, play a cool skate / pop-punk!

Paul Olivier - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Joey Otero - Bass, Backup Vocals
Alan Hamilton - Drums
Zac Hobbs - Guitar, Backup Vocals

Influences: Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, Blink-182, NoFX, Lagwagon, Lawrence Arms

We all grew up listening to Skate Punk, and pretty much fast music in general. If any of us ever had “roots” in music, skate/pop punk is that. We learned to play our insturments through learning how to play fast music. This band is about taking everything all of us have learned from playing other styles of music and applying that knowledge and creativity, in hopes of creating something at least a little bit different in a genre that, without it, none of us would be playing music in the first place. Paul use to play bass in a band called The Whole Nine and has never played guitar in a band. I play bass in a band called Benard and haven’t played guitar in a band since I was a Junior in highschool. Joey has been the lead singer in many bands, but is playing bass and doing backups for Nature Boy. Paul did back ups in his previous band, but is doing all the leads here. I shouldn’t be anywhere near a microphone, but, somehow, I am doing backups. Basically, Alan is the only one doing what hes suppose to be doing.

Nature Boy - The Dirtiest Player In The Gam - 2006

Brain Floss

Охеренная группа из Индонезии! Поют на инглише, на альбоме присутствует одна песня на их родном языке. Что касается музыке, то у этих ребят в этом плане все в полном порядке - скоростные, цепляющие треки, которые хочется слушать неоднократно! Рекомендую.

Cool band from Indonesia! Sung in English, the album has one song in their native language. As for music, then these guys in this sense, all in perfect order - fast, catchy tunes that want to listen to many times! Recommend.

BRAIN FLOSS was formed in 1998. Basicly we're just a punk band who try to create our own music that our feelings and thoughts about life based on our own experience..we already made our first album entitled "About Us" (released by threechords/re-released by lowlife record) in the year 2002..after our first album was released, in the year 2005 we put our single entitled "Hilang Semua" to join a compilation from simpletonmelodiesrecords entitled "simple tone from simpletonmelodiesrecords"..currently we're in the middle process of making our second album, which we hope released this year..wish us luck..
Brain Floss - About Us - 2002

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Нормальная такая банда из Италии! В июне вроде как релиз намечается.

Such a good band from Italy! In June, the new release is planned.

LoryNFans - Just To Sk8 - 2001

01 - Choose Your Side
02 - Zerbino Enterprise
03 - Just To Sk8
04 - The Freshmaker


The Paranoids

Очень крутая группа из штатов, образованная в конце 90х! Записали две ЕР (одноименная числится в поиске). Советую заценить, любителям поп-панка 90х, потрясающая группа!!

Very cool group of states formed in the late 90s! Recorded two EP (with the same name is listed in the search). I advise you to check out, fans of pop-punk 90s, a great group

The Paranoids - Black Eye and a Broken Heart [EP] - 2002

01 - All I Know
02 - Center of Attention
03 - Laura Court
04 - Late Night
05 - Me and You and You and Me
06 - Pete Has Braces
07 - For Gillian
08 - For All I Care

Monday, May 9, 2011

Chapter Four

Замечательная группа из Санта Барбары, штат Калифорния! Играли (с 2002-2006 года) крутой, среднетемповый поп-панк с радующими слух мелодиями. Вокал немного смахивает на одного из вокалистов Closet Monster.

Members: Robby, Daniel, Bryan, Jeff.

Orignially from Kauai, HI, Chapter Four now resides in Santa Barbara CA. Chapter Four plays punk music with their own Hawaiian blend. The band loves playing live and does so all of the time. Chapter Four has toured and played shows with many bands such as The Ataris, Over It, Rufio, Staring Back, My CHemical Romance, Letter Kills, Divit, National Product, and many, many others.

Amazing band from Santa Barbara, California! Played (from 2002-2006), a cool, midtempo pop-punk tunes to bring all ears. Singing a little bit looks like one of the vocalists Closet Monster.

Chapter Four - Picking Up The Pieces - 2005

Nothing Left To Lose

Отличный панк-рок в духе заявленных инфлюенсов, вонзают ребята!

Bad Religion, Rise Against, Strike Anywhere.

punk rock played by guys!

''Since the beginning Nothing Left To Lose has taken pride in their writing and touring work ethic, and plan on doing this as long as they breathe. From the studio to the road, Nothing Left To Lose shines through and proves again and again why they are one of the most sought-after acts in the midwest.

Providing a show that consists of violent, awe inspiring music and performance, Nothing Left to Lose grabs listeners from the first note and doesn't let go.

With influences ranging from Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Rise Against, this hardcore punk band quintet - consisting of Tyler Wakefield on vocals, Adam Christensen and Brent Young on guitar, Travis Weil on bass, and Brian Roe pounding the drums, have been playing together for over a year, and through those hours of practice have honed their sound to a whole new level.''

Nothing Left To Lose - Last Battle Hymn - 2005

7 Years Bad Luck


Новый альбом от австрийцев 7YearsBadLuck!

The new album from the Austrians 7YearsBadLuck!

7 Years Bad Luck - Sleep Now, Pay Later - 2011

A NewSense

Инфы категорически мало) нашел лишь это:

"A Newsense is a punk band from Kingston, Ontario, Canada."

Быстро, мелодично, со скримом. :)

Information is strictly small) found only this:

"A Newsense is a punk band from Kingston, Ontario, Canada."

Fast, melodic, with screaming. :)

01 - Coffin Eyes
02 - Baby Seals For Breakfast
03 - Too Long For Time

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Down The Hatch

Добротный канадский панк-рок с хриплым вокалом!)

Canadian punk-rock with raucous vocals!)

Down The Hatch - Fiasco! - 2010


Крутые чуваки из Соединенного Королевства! В их активе имеется еще несколько ЕР, которые числятся в поиске. На альбоме представлено 10 крутых, свежо звучащих треков, которые хочется слушать не однократно! Советую не пропустить данный релиз.

Great dudes from the UK! These assets have a few EPs, who remain in the search. The album includes 10 cool, fresh-sounding tracks that do not want to listen once! I advise you not to miss this release.

Grebo formed in September 1999, when Ben (Guitar, vocals), Joe 90 (Bass) and Blake (Drums) met up on their first day of college. After playing shows in and around Bristol for a year, the guys headed into the Whitehouse Studio to record. After building up a loyal local fanbase, and a reputation as one of Bristol, England's most high-energy live acts, the band played their first tour off the back of the EP, supporting Californian Pop Punks "The Ataris" in May 2001. With support slots including The Ataris, Midtown, King Prawn, Nerf Herder, Leatherface, Fabulous Disaster and Leftover Crack under their belts, the band will be doing a headline tour of the UK this summer.
Grebo - Don't Just Do Something Stand There - 2002


Не плохой поп-панк из Германии! В релизе 2007го года имеются отличные треки, а вот 2008го слабоват (ИМХО).

Not a bad pop-punk from Germany! In release 2007 year are excellent tracks, but the 2008go is rather weak (IMHO)

Amplify - No Day Without Mistakes - 2007

Amplify - All In - 2008

The Whole Nine

Толковая группа, начала нынешнего века. Располагаю дебютным альбомом сего коллектива, который и представляю вашему вниманию :) Очень недурный альбом хочу сказать, очень ровный и цепляющий!!
На майспейсе не обнаружил не одного знакомого трека, так что услышав унылые песни с майспейса, не спешите разочаровываться и зачекайте этот великолепный альбом.

Cool group, the beginning of this century. Have the debut album of this group, who represent to your attention:) Very good album I want to say, very smooth and catchy!
On myspace did not find no one familiar track, so hearing the sad songs on myspace, do not hurry frustrated and hear this great album.

The Whole Nine - Take What You Get - 2003

Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Kept Secret

Очень клевая группа, крутейший поп-панк! Распались, успев записать бодрейший ЕР. В данном коллективе играл некий Tim Flaherty - гитарист, всем известного, потрясающего бэнда One Dollar Short. Представляю вашему вниманию ЕР Unorganised Crime.

Very cool band, cool pop-punk! Disbanded, having had to write cheerful EP. This team played a Tim Flaherty - guitar, we all know, amazing band One Dollar Short.
Present to you the EP Unorganised Crime

Best Kept Secret - Unorganised Crime - 2002

01 Another Night
02 More Than You Know
03 Darkroom
04 April 5th
05 Dorothy Stratton

KM Sound

DIY банда из Японии! Все в духе 90х годов, что лично меня очень радует :) Мне релиз очень понравился, круто что в наше время играют такую музыку!!

DIY band from Japan! All in the spirit of the 90s that I'm personally very happy:) I really liked the release, that's cool in our time play the music of the time!

KM Sound - Friend EP - 2011

01 Intro
02 Hate Friends, Love Family
03 The Lonely & Funny Boy
04 I Wanna Be A Crap
05 Are You Demon or God
06 The Few My Best Friends Are Awesome
07 Before My Friends Do

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kept (fast, melodic punk rock / Sweden)

Получили вот такой вот комментарий на блоге:

"Hi! awesome site! I recommend you check out my fast melodic punkrockband from Sweden called Kept.
We recently released our second EP, Detours & sidetracks and would really appreciate if you would review it and post it on you page.
You can check out our profile at you also find artwork, bio, photos and more here.
You can download the EP for free at If you need any other information don't hesitate to contact us at Sincerely Erik // Kept "

И конечно же, решил создать отдельный пост с этой командой.
Kept - Detours & sidetracks EP (2011)
1. Erased
2. Finding Out
3. Flag held high
4. Newsflash
5. Upper class villain
6. Used and Abused

We've received this comment on our blog and decided that this band deserves a separate post. Hope the band does not mind :)