Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nature Boy

Ребята из штатов, зарубающие клевый скейт/поп-панк!

The guys from the States, play a cool skate / pop-punk!

Paul Olivier - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Joey Otero - Bass, Backup Vocals
Alan Hamilton - Drums
Zac Hobbs - Guitar, Backup Vocals

Influences: Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, Blink-182, NoFX, Lagwagon, Lawrence Arms

We all grew up listening to Skate Punk, and pretty much fast music in general. If any of us ever had “roots” in music, skate/pop punk is that. We learned to play our insturments through learning how to play fast music. This band is about taking everything all of us have learned from playing other styles of music and applying that knowledge and creativity, in hopes of creating something at least a little bit different in a genre that, without it, none of us would be playing music in the first place. Paul use to play bass in a band called The Whole Nine and has never played guitar in a band. I play bass in a band called Benard and haven’t played guitar in a band since I was a Junior in highschool. Joey has been the lead singer in many bands, but is playing bass and doing backups for Nature Boy. Paul did back ups in his previous band, but is doing all the leads here. I shouldn’t be anywhere near a microphone, but, somehow, I am doing backups. Basically, Alan is the only one doing what hes suppose to be doing.

Nature Boy - The Dirtiest Player In The Gam - 2006

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