Sunday, May 15, 2011

Brain Floss

Охеренная группа из Индонезии! Поют на инглише, на альбоме присутствует одна песня на их родном языке. Что касается музыке, то у этих ребят в этом плане все в полном порядке - скоростные, цепляющие треки, которые хочется слушать неоднократно! Рекомендую.

Cool band from Indonesia! Sung in English, the album has one song in their native language. As for music, then these guys in this sense, all in perfect order - fast, catchy tunes that want to listen to many times! Recommend.

BRAIN FLOSS was formed in 1998. Basicly we're just a punk band who try to create our own music that our feelings and thoughts about life based on our own experience..we already made our first album entitled "About Us" (released by threechords/re-released by lowlife record) in the year 2002..after our first album was released, in the year 2005 we put our single entitled "Hilang Semua" to join a compilation from simpletonmelodiesrecords entitled "simple tone from simpletonmelodiesrecords"..currently we're in the middle process of making our second album, which we hope released this year..wish us luck..
Brain Floss - About Us - 2002

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