Monday, May 9, 2011

Nothing Left To Lose

Отличный панк-рок в духе заявленных инфлюенсов, вонзают ребята!

Bad Religion, Rise Against, Strike Anywhere.

punk rock played by guys!

''Since the beginning Nothing Left To Lose has taken pride in their writing and touring work ethic, and plan on doing this as long as they breathe. From the studio to the road, Nothing Left To Lose shines through and proves again and again why they are one of the most sought-after acts in the midwest.

Providing a show that consists of violent, awe inspiring music and performance, Nothing Left to Lose grabs listeners from the first note and doesn't let go.

With influences ranging from Bad Religion, Pennywise, and Rise Against, this hardcore punk band quintet - consisting of Tyler Wakefield on vocals, Adam Christensen and Brent Young on guitar, Travis Weil on bass, and Brian Roe pounding the drums, have been playing together for over a year, and through those hours of practice have honed their sound to a whole new level.''

Nothing Left To Lose - Last Battle Hymn - 2005

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