Wednesday, May 25, 2011


3 guys 160 shows Donair 2.75 vans QC, Ontario,Alberta,British Columbia,Saskatchewan,Manitoba and Maritimes Lakeport Lager Capt.Morgan 7-11 Nachos Poutine Equals a recipe for disaster After numerous KM’s around Canada , we’ve received multiple applauses,kisses and props from punk rockers and hardcore kids abroad.

After touring experience , supporting shows for bands like Fake Problems,Off with Their Heads,Living With Lions,Static Thought,O Pioneers,The Artist Life, Fireworks,PO Box,World Inferno Friendship Society,The Snips, Carpenter,This is Hell, a MusiquePlus 123 Punk interview and video premier and their 2008 Vans Warped Tour appearance our cred expanded.

Spring 2010 ,we trekked in support of our 1st full length record “No Place for Foxes” produced by The Brains(stomp) Rene Garcia across the country from Halifax,NS to Vancouver,BC.

We are a hard working group of dudes who take eating cold chef Boyardi in Moncton,NB parking lots way too serious. Ladies and gentlemen … we’re W!NSLOW.

Довольно приятный коллектив из Канады, играющий драйвовый, цепляющий, в меру быстрый панк рок.

Winslow - 2007 - Last Is The New First CDR [EP]

Winslow - 2008 - Easy Access CDR [EP]

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Крайне приятно. Спасибо.