Monday, May 9, 2011

Chapter Four

Замечательная группа из Санта Барбары, штат Калифорния! Играли (с 2002-2006 года) крутой, среднетемповый поп-панк с радующими слух мелодиями. Вокал немного смахивает на одного из вокалистов Closet Monster.

Members: Robby, Daniel, Bryan, Jeff.

Orignially from Kauai, HI, Chapter Four now resides in Santa Barbara CA. Chapter Four plays punk music with their own Hawaiian blend. The band loves playing live and does so all of the time. Chapter Four has toured and played shows with many bands such as The Ataris, Over It, Rufio, Staring Back, My CHemical Romance, Letter Kills, Divit, National Product, and many, many others.

Amazing band from Santa Barbara, California! Played (from 2002-2006), a cool, midtempo pop-punk tunes to bring all ears. Singing a little bit looks like one of the vocalists Closet Monster.

Chapter Four - Picking Up The Pieces - 2005

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