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Bodyjar - You've Taken Everything


Saturday, January 26, 2013


2B was a Canadian melodic punk/skate punk band from Quebec province. The band has one album released in 1997 on a local label Punx Without Mohawx. Wake Up (aka Self-titled) (1997)

artist: 2B
album: Wake Up



+-------------------------[Release Info]-------------------------+
year: 1997
genre: Skate Punk

bitrate: 192K/s
channels: 44100Hz | Stereo
codec: LAME 3.92

total playing time: 25:08 (min:sec)
total size: 34,5 MB (36 222 336 bytes)

+--------------------------[Track List]--------------------------+
1. Wake Up (2:33)
2. Too Late (2:20)
3. New Kids Suck (3:11)
4. So Farewell (1:45)
5. Bad Guy (1:43)
6. Emergency Exit (2:26)
7. Goverment (2:13)
8. Let's Unite (1:28)
9. Pizza Love Song (3:01)
10. Redemtion Sound (1:59)
11. One Upon A Time (2:22)




***BIG THANKS TO Bodyjarrr***

artist: Runt
album: When A Nickel Is All We Have


+-------------------------[Release Info]-------------------------+
year: 2002
genre: Skate Punk

bitrate: 192K/s
channels: 44100Hz | Stereo
codec: LAME 3.91

total playing time: 16:13 (min:sec)
total size: 22,3 MB (23 375 872 bytes)

+--------------------------[Track List]--------------------------+
1. Stutter (1:40)
2. He Hates The Scene - (Version (2:55)
3. On Average (1:57)
4. Five Year Plan (1:59)
5. Codeine (2:53)
6. Have We Evolved? (0:04)
7. He Hates The Scene - (Version (2:29)
8. To Trust, To Love, To Leave (2:12)



Party Alone


artist: Party Alone!
album: Hoyla

+-------------------------[Release Info]-------------------------+
year: 2008
genre: Skate Punk

bitrate: VBR ~247K/s
channels: 44100Hz | Stereo
codec: Xing

total playing time: 14:44 (min:sec)
total size: 23,4 MB (24 555 561 bytes)

+--------------------------[Track List]--------------------------+
1. Forever Young Ft. Mel Gibson (2:52)
2. BFF (2:47)
3. Pharmasucks (3:22)
4. do it for hugh (3:31)
5. Familization (2:10)



Brave Dancing Sushi

Brave Dancing Sushi: 1999-2002 We played with: not by choice, cheap suits, mugshot, the livid, tsunami bomb, head on collision, khacki snack, subject to change, inept, the berlin project, the imports, sloppy meat eaters, 2 minutes too late, all day breakfast, and others... Highlights: recorded demo March 2001. mini-tour with Not By Choice, September 2001... In 2002, Brave Dancing Sushi was dismantled, with a couple of its members combining with parts of Subject to Change and Inept, to form the rock super-group Third Quarter. Their demise was in 2003.


artist: Brave Dancing Sushi
album: Demo


+-------------------------[Release Info]-------------------------+
year: 2001
genre: Skate Punk

bitrate: 128K/s
channels: 44100Hz | Joint Stereo
codec: LAME 3.97

total playing time: 12:46 (min:sec)
total size: 11,7 MB (12 280 911 bytes)

+--------------------------[Track List]--------------------------+
 1. Da Track           (3:51)
 2. In The End         (5:33)
 3. Too Many Bad Days  (3:21)


Monday, January 7, 2013

Threat 77

Эмейзинг бэнд фром Феникс, Аризона! В последствии к ним добавился еще один чувак и ребята стали зваться Down By Fire. Под вывеской Threat 77 записали невероятно хитовый альбом, который я не обломался приобрести и теперь хочу поделиться с вами этим добром! Что касается альбома - это тот случай, когда только включил и не заметил что уже последний трек исполняется. Слушается как единое целое, очень приятный саунд. Настоятельно рекомендую ознакомиться!!

Amazing band from Phoenix, Arizona! Later it added another dude and the guys started calling Down By Fire.
Threat 77 recorded incredibly hit album that I want to share with you! As for the album - it's something incredibly cool. Listen as a whole, a really great sound.

Threat 77 - My Silent Plea - 2006 V0 kbps

01 - Resistance
02 - Still The Same
03 - My Silent Plea
04 - Time Will Tell
05 - Forgetting To Forget
06 - Circumstances
07 - Waking Up
08 - Fight To Go On
09 - System Relapse
10 - Voice Of Reason 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Punchy Keaton

Чикагская банда, которая была на трибьюте 88 Fingers Louie. Старый-добрый саунд - мелодичный панк-рок. Альбом очень толковый!! 

Punchy Keaton is a three piece band from Chicago. Andy Plennert and Nick Righteous, founding members of the band Harlequin, joind with Andy Rauscher (Free-Z, Johnny Crack-eye, Agony) to form a raw, straight forward and uncomplicated rock band. With Plennert's unique riffs, Righteous's powerful bass and Rauscher's energetic style of drumming, these guys really get the job done. A straight-up sound from three guys who just want to get out and play.  

Punchy Keaton - Reaching Out - 2007 V0 kbps
01 - Noose
02 - Stronger
03 - Dreams
04 - Selfish Heart
05 - Holding On
06 - Running Scared
07 - Useless
08 - Shipwrecked
09 - Can't Give
10 - Bleed the Future

11 - The Thought of You 
12 - Breathe 
13 - Reaching Out 

Punchy Keaton - Guilty - 2007 V0 kbps

 01 - Make It Worth It
02 - Hindsight
03 - River's Edge
04 - Guilty
05 - Buried 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Bastard Son of Charlie Brown

Крутейшие ребята из Англии! Что касается саунда - тут все в полном порядке - звучат быстро, драйвово и энергично, влияние дает о себе знать. Дикий enjoy!!  - послушать

Awesome band from England! Fast, melodic and drive sound!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The bastard son of Charlie brown, are a four piece independent alternative skate punk band based in the northwest of England, Originally founded by Jizz and Pipi db in the theoretical mass known as St. Helens. After five years, a lot of dedication and having to occasionally wave goodbye to fellow band mates, The Bastard son of Charlie Brown have landed a solid footing with their current line up (Jizz, guitar and vocals, Mark, guitar and vocals, Pipi db, drums and Carl, bass and vocals.) Being one of the few bands still left alive and kicking from the original skate punk scene, it just goes to show that the bastard son of Charlie brown go beyond living “the dream” this is their life. Their new “DIY’’ full length “DYNAMITE” proves to be a killer album, with an abundance of infectious rhythms and armed with an arsenal of anthems. Showing a positive approach to skate-punk and a keen sense of melody, “DYNAMITE” is definite serious business. The bastard son of Charlie brown play almost everywhere and anywhere and do hope to see you all soon.
Influences: NOFX, Bad Religion, Lagwagon, Strung Out, Sick Of It All, Mad Caddies, [SPUNGE], Rise Against, No Use For A Name,

The Bastard Son of Charlie Brown - Dynamite - 2007 V0 kbps

01 - Lesson not learned
02 - Liar
03 - Too Many Days
04 - Lights on red
05 - Best friend invisible
06 - Sly Fox
07 - D I C K H E a D
08 - One minute midget
09 - Ideal Portrait
10 - Bad Habit
11 - Everlast
12 - Aid to the rise
13 - Despair