Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Promdates [ramonescore, pop punk, Norway]

The Promdates were bound to happen sooner or later. Two guys (Are and Einar) with common interest and passion for good pop-punk talked about starting a band for a couple of years, but nothing happend. Mainly because they lived too far from each other, and were busy with other bands. Then Einar finally got some sense and moved to the city. A drummer joined, and voilá, the Promdates were born.
The Promdates play happy feel good songs and sing about girls, beer, partying, movies and boredom. They've not rediscovered the wheel or anything, but they play good, catchy pop-punk with tons of vocal harmonies.
If you're into pop-punk you should really give them a chance. Maybe you'll like 'em, maybe you don't.
Oh, and they're from Norway.

Очень хороший релиз для любителей трехаккордного панк рока и жужжащих гитар. The Promdates родом из Норвегии, что, впрочем, не помешало им играть радующий ухо (и прочие части тела) рамоунзкор в духе The Queers, Riverdales, Ramones, Mr. T Experience, Screeching Weasel, the Methadones и тд...
Promdates, The - 2008 - Pretty In Punk
1 It's No Fun
2 Love To Watch You Dance
3 Why Do You Wanna Be With Me?
4 Beer In The Sodamachine
5 I Think We're Alone Now
6 To The Beach
7 Still Not Over You
8 I Won't Care
9 Two Timing Girl
10 I Feel Alright
11 Cecilia
12 Call The Ghostbusters
13 Elm Street Rock Café
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5 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Hey.. thanx for putting this out.
Cheers from the promdates. hope you guys like the album

SpUnK said...

as for me i really enjoyed this album. and i'm not the only one )
hope you're not very angry with us for posting it here.

Anonymous said...

no not at all! enjoy! just wanna spread the word to the kids.
Got a new EP out soon too. 4 new tunes.
Cheers Einar Promdate

Seperare Monstrum said...

Wow!, one of the best Bands i've ever heard. I'm Looking forward to buy the record and see them live. Thanx for introduce.

einar from the promdates said...

we are almost finished recording a new album with 13 new songs. will be out this summer!