Sunday, October 12, 2008


First and foremost, I'm sorry half of these videos are kindof inaudible, but, admittedly, I didn't record em... sry- anyways... Once known mostly for the trademark T-shirts that read "Philmore is an OK band", the self-titled debut album "Philmore" was then released on Five Minute Walk Records in June of 2000. It was kinda successful... it's been said the biggest hit from that album was a song called “Our Finest Hour.”

In July of '02, the second album called "The Bare Truth About Philmore" was released. It was much more “mellow” than the first. Apparently many ppl expected it to be equally as hard as the first, but were a bit disappointed. Also it seems there was nothing particularly Christian about the second record unlike the first, and most of the stricter “Christian music only” fans stopped listening at that point. For a couple years after, touring continued but fame faded.

A third CD was released in April of '05 called "Demolition", after drummer Brett had left the band to be replaced by Sean Donnelly in '03... Sean left the band in August of 2005.

Philmore - Philmore [2000]

2.Smile At Me
3.Our Finest Hour
4.Livin' On A Prayer
5.Never Let You Go
6.If You Only Knew
7.In My Boat
9.Wish You Were Here
11.Worth the Wait
12.As I Lift My Hands

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