Thursday, October 9, 2008

Black Tie Bombers [fast punk rock, USA]

Black Tie Bombers can only be described as the kind of band whose music is enjoyable, catchy, and entertaining. However, after seeing them live, you will either:
A.) Love them much much more
B.) Hate them
C.) Love them, as long as you stay away from the front row during a live performance, and close your eyes and ears between songs.
This is all pending your personal sense of humor.
Influences: NOFX, Lagwagon, Screeching Weasel, AFI

Отличная команда из Огайо. Слушая их у меня возникают ассоциации с 30 Foot Fall, 12cent и Beefcake. Шикарный скоростной хардкор панк с крутыми хоровыми запевами, при этом не лишенный чувства юмора. У ребят в активе есть три альбома, но на большее расчитывать увы не приходится, ибо не так давно они заявили о своем распаде.

Black Tie Bombers - 2004 - Black Tie Bombers
1 State Of The Union
2 65
3 Friendly Fire
4 Rad Letter Day
5 Hello Becki
6 Glendora
7 Centessimus Annus #46
8 Earthbound (on The Way To Twoson)
9 Code Orange
10 Black And Blue
11 Standing Strong
12 Attn: Everyone Else
13 Questions And Concerns
14 Castles By The Sea
15 Puzzle
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