Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kerb [melodic punk, Australia]

Kerb were a 4 piece Perth band who play mainly melodic punk. They started in 1995 and supported bands such as Frenzal Rhomb, Bodyjar (a couple of times), Ash and Regurgitator. When they first started they were a three piece until the addition of Chad in 1998. They were heavily influenced by Bodyjar/Blink 182 and do have a similar sound as a result. Locally they played a lot with Love Camp 7, Boredumb and No Wonder plus various other bands. Appeared at the majority of Perth's PunkORama gigs and also played at Mach Pelican's farewell licensed gig.
They played at the launch of the WA surf vid 'Inside Out' at the Lookout in April 99 and a few days later played at Yac It Up 99. Unfortunately towards the end of 99 the guys had internal disputes about the band and Kerb broke up with a few of them forming a band called Lewis. However by 2002 they reformed and are playing regular shows in Perth.
Лично я всегда был довольно высокого мнения об австралийской мелодик панк сцене. Во многом благодаря моим любимцам Game Over, да и кроме них там неплохих команд хватало. Kerb не исключение. Ребята играли мелодичный панк рок с отзвуками NoFX в их лучшие годы.

Kerb - 1998 - Nobody Here But Us Walruses
2.I Could Marry Her
7.La La Land
8.Some Old Lady
9.Will To Live
10.Down South
11.Say A Prayer
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