Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mr. Yuck's debut album, Warm Up, begins with a phenomenal guitar riff, eventually building to a climax causing uncontrollable melodic mayhem in the ears of the listener.

Every measure of every song is written until ultimate perfection had been reached. You will hear the treasure in the wailing guitars, the flying drums, and the driving melodic vocals. You have been forwarned, this album is like none other ever heard by mankind. Its an experience you can't pass up.

If you enjoy passionate, energetic, and full blown melodic mayhem in your music then check it out.

хорошая команда, ну так 90-е, что уж сказать, тогда и музыка была громче и деревья выше :)
кстати, весьма скоростные и техничные, как для группы из 90-х. при этом техничность эта слух не режет, а только подчеркивает все достоинства команды.

1998 - warm up (ep)

1. Narrow Minds (3:31)
2. Lisa (3:56)
3. Sing Out (3:29)
4. Forsaken (3:00)
5. One Last Chance (4:52)
6. Tat Tat Tat (3:31)
7. Operator (2:38)

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Punker182 said...

спасибо Лёшик!!! :)