Saturday, September 20, 2008


September 11th 2002 marks the beginning. The four original members of Area 51 record their first demo: entitled “Why?”, which is an open protest against US governement war policies following terrorist attacks of 2k1. This album gave Area 51 the desire to move forward, seeking shows, competitions and opportunities. In 2k4, the band produced a second demo, entitled “No Chance” and his first video on the song “Realize”, still protesting against US government but giving to this album a personal touch, protesting against the effects of war on today’s society. Recently, the band joined the worldwide competition Emergenza 2006, where they ended up 10th in Canada. After some differences within the band, Virgil Fournier joined the band as drum player, setting A-51 on a whole new set of objectives. The band’s influences are mostly punk rock ranging wide from Pennywise to Slayer. Area 51 even decided to set that range even wider, composing outside their original range of influences. Since the end of Emergenza 2k6, the band has not stopped writing songs. Even if they are always looking for a gig, Area 51 has put most of their attention on song writing and rehearsing since the beginning of 2k7, hoping to get a whole new set of songs for 2008.

Area51 - 1999 - Crash Course [ep]

все благодарим Лешу :) это его подгон ;)

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vickz said...

awesome band!, i don't speak russian but i looking for the first of all - dig up your roots (lp), it's a band from japan and really really fast, if anyone can find, could anyone upload it?