Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Flat Earth Society [Hardcore Punk/USA]

In January of 2000 FES released a 2 song CD simply titled "Demo 2000". In June of 2000, a self titled 7 song studio CD was released on Scorpion Records. Both CD’s received great reviews in print and web press. Both are also receiving airplay on US college radio and other stations throughout the world. Through some hard networking and a word of mouth buzz, to date, we have landed ourselves on Fifteen compilation CD’s, Two extreme skiing videos and a Video fanzine that featured North Jersey bands. All of which are for sale worldwide. We had a song featured on a television commercial for the WWF 5 FES songs were included in the regular rotation at the 2000 winter X-Games. We've played live on a local cable TV show, and have done live on air interviews on numerous college radio. Our songs "What Now", "All Talk" and “Friend” have reached #1 on and's punk/hardcore charts. In 2002 after selling out of 2 pressings of the first CD, we decided to redo the artwork and re-release it with a new audio track and a mpeg video on the CD. The re-release finally found FES's CD in most records stores in NJ and other states such as, Arizona, Utah and Texas. 2003 also brought a deal to distro the CD in Russia. We’ve been touring the east coast from Mass to Florida since 2000. Just started invading Canada in 2004 We completed a full national tour of 11,000 miles in 31 days in the summer of 2003 We won a lot on the 2003 Warped Tour through Ernie Ball and played to a sold out crowd. 2004 we played HellFest @ RexPlex in NJ!
Не только поп-панк катируется в Нью Джерси... Flat Earth Society, например, играли скоростной хардкор панк. Хорошо так играли, с чувством, с толком, с расстановкой... не долго, правда.
Свое название они позаимствовали у одной из песен Bad Religion, что, вероятно, можно расценивать как дань уважения старикам.

Flat Earth Society - 2002 - Flat Earth Society

1 What Now?
2 Friend
3 Teenager In Love
4 Two Miles and A Dream
5 Blinded By Faith
6 Another Time
7 New
8 Know More (Bonus Track)

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