Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crookedhook [melodic/ska punk, Canada]

Crookedhook is a 4 piece Punk/Ska/Rock band from Toronto. They formed in December of 2005 and have been tearing up stages across Ontario ever since. They recorded their first demo "Rock or Walk" in 2006 and released two compilation CD's, “Awkward Kidz-A Canadian Compilation” released in Japan and “Do It Yourself Vol. 1”. They are currently promoting their new Full Length Album “All We Got”. The video for their song "Love Tunnel" is now available on their website. Crookedhook have been featured on several radio stations throughout Canada including Toronto's 102.1 The Edge and Quebec City’s CHYZ 94.3. Their live performance is explosive with a unique and solid sound. The “Skate Punk Rock” style they bring to the table continues to draw crowds from London to Toronto and Ottawa to Montreal. Crookedhook has had the honour of sharing the stage with many dedicated Punk, Ska, Rock, Emo, Hardcore, Metal, and Folk bands. Crookedhook will be coming to a town near you soon.
Очень даже приличная команда из Торонто (есть такой поселок в Канаде). Играют мелодичный панк рок в духе 90, умело разбавляя его ска панком. Духовой секции у них нету, поэтому ограничиваются только гитарками на слабую долю.
Слушать можно и нужно. Думаю, не обламаетесь ни разу.

Crookedhook - 2007 - All We Got
1 Inhumanity
2 Intervention
3 Relax And Unwind
4 One For The Team
5 Down It Goes
6 Waste No Time
7 Love Tunnel
8 So Sorry Sir
9 Freestyle Battle
10 Fair Weather
11 Death Of A Small Town
12 Daily Grind
13 All We Got

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