Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bottlewink…just the name drips off the tongue with such almighty splendor that any other band is just not Bottlewink at all. Hailing from the bustling suburb of Placentia, California (home of such bands as Longfellow, Bottlewink, and Bottlewink) - Bottlewink is pop, punk, emo and a little snippet of hardcore. Their influences range from Thrice to Bigwig to Saves the Day to Weezer to Alkaline Trio to you to just about everything. “The only time I am really truly happy is when I am playing music with my band.” says Bottlewink frontman/bassist Bruno X (no relation to Jason X). “Well, that and when I am really truly happy.” Aside from being musicians in love with many genres, Bottlewink once played a show in which attendance hit that of, in drummer Stevo’s words, “almost a gazillion. Well, maybe not a gazillion, but it was almost a kajillion. At least.” And in case you were wondering, no, they will not have sex with you. However, maybe they might have sex with you. But only if its not you that is doing the you-ing. Or if it is? I don’t know…do you?

Группа которая заслушана до дыр мною!Советую всем любящим Калифорнию
Думаю больше слов тут не надо!

2002 - Welcome Death With A Warm Hug


Bottlewink - 01 - Epic Epoch
Bottlewink - 02 - Rally Hats
Bottlewink - 03 - Groggy
Bottlewink - 04 - Everything Looks Better After A Good Night's Sleep
Bottlewink - 05 - Run And Hyde
Bottlewink - 06 - Is There Night In Hell
Bottlewink - 07 - Who Made You, God
Bottlewink - 08 - Flier Flyer Girl
Bottlewink - 09 - Quiet Us

2 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

Hey, I played drums on this record. Glad to hear you were into it.

Cody (vocals and bass) and me (Stevo - drums), are in a new band called The Dahmer Party.

Finding out that our music is pirated on the internet made me so proud. So proud.

Broncho said...

Wow! It's such an honor to see you here, Stevo!! Do you have any contacts - MSN, Skype, Gmail?!