Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sleep Comes Down [emo, pop punk, USA]

Wisconsin's Sleepcomesdown (formerly called both Fairview and Fairview Drive) were initially inspired to start playing music together at the suggestion of local Christian pop-punk group Hangnail, so it was unsurprising that the guys originally took sonic cues from bands like them. Comprised of vocalist/bassist Kristofer Taylor (aka Chris Taylor), guitarist/vocalist Dan Strash, drummer Dan Grasso, and guitarist Ryan Strash, Sleepcomesdown concentrated on playing local shows while steadily honing their rock into something that looked more to the Cure and Psychedelic Furs than MxPx. Following the recording of their album Wax Romantic, Sleepcomesdown signed to Uprising Records and replaced Ryan Strash with new guitarist Dan Dahlberg. The label subsequently released the record in August 2003. A lineup change came about in October 2004, which consisted of remaining founding members Taylor and Dan Strash hooking up with guitarist Steve Ruppa and drummer Tim Feret, former members of Midwest outfits Notaword and Polymer. With the member overhaul came another musical one as well, and Sleepcomesdown's new, somewhat atmospheric rock drew from a combination of influences like Sonic Youth, Unwound, Shiner, My Bloody Valentine, Blonde Redhead, and Jawbox. Furthering their more experimental direction was the addition of fifth member and "electro whiz kid" Dylan Zocchi in March 2007. The newly configured Sleepcomesdown then debuted on wax with the album Secret Handshake, self-released by the band that fall.

Еще один коллектив, который играет приятный эмоциональный поп панк. В первой половине 00х такого рода групп было достаточно, а сейчас уже и не хватает как бы... Одни брейкдауны и мальчики с красивыми стрижками.

Sleep Comes Down - 2003 - Wax Romantic


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