Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Caustic Soda [emo, punk rock, Australia]

Caustic Soda formed in late 1994, the result of two school friends finding a drummer through an ad in Missing Link, Melbourne's seminal record store. One year later they had played through bar brawls, wowed fans in Australia's burgeoning underground punk scene, recorded a debut cd in a friend's house, and played a set for 10,000 wedged between Bikini Kill and Rancid. Often compared to their heroes, Jawbreaker, Bad Religion, Snuff, but possessing a style of shouty, scrappy, brooding punk rock all of their own, the band continued through a second full-length, a 7", and countless compilation appearances, before disbanding in mid-1999 when just on the verge of something big. Donnie (vocals/guitar) and Lachlan (drums) continued on that promise with Blueline Medic, which Donnie still plays in to this day as well as performing solo regularly, whilst Jeremy (vocals/bass) moonlighted briefly in short-lived emo/hardcore outfit Rushmore and records under the name The Pieces Fit. These days punk bands all follow the 12-step guide to success, but Caustic Soda revelled in the underground, shunning press kits, demoing and schmoozing, in favour of one-take recordings and gutsy live performances.

Influences Jawbreaker, Bad Religion, Snuff, Screeching Weasel, Midnight Oil, Propagandhi, Dinosaur Jr, The Cure, Pixies, Treepeople, Descendents.

Многие впервые услышали об этой команде благодаря культовому сборнику Short Music for Short People, я не исключение. Должен заметить, что песня Caustic Soda там была одной из лучших, на мой взгляд. После нее конечно же захотелось познакомиться с творчеством группы ближе. Эти ребята из Австралии и успешно музицировали с 94 года. Играли мрачноватый (хотя и не всегда) панк рок с серьезными вкраплениями эмо. Вокал хриплый и скорости в основном средние, хотя есть и более быстрые песни. Ну, думаю, группы, указанные в инфлюэнсах довольно точно характеризуют то, как они звучат. В 99-м году распались и двое бывших участников образовали Blueline Medic.

Caustic Soda - 1996 - Bleak Youngkid Dis-Knowledge

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Caustic Soda - 1997 - Music From The Motion Picture

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Caustic Soda - 1998 - Femalevolence [EP]

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