Wednesday, December 16, 2009

37 Slurp [pop punk, skate punk, USA]

37 Slurp consisted mainly of drugs, alcohol, underage girls, partial nudity, and mocking washed up actors, sports icons, and musicians. During their three years of exsitence they could've been found spreading their craptacular brand of punk rock through out the tri-state area by way of a 1990 Buquick Century. Three of the songs above we're on their one and only full length CD, When Things Go Wrong. The other song, "Time" was recorded at Skylab Studios in June 2003 and never saw the light of day. Although they have now gone their separate ways, they unfortunately still continue to make music. 
Joe has a new band called I Know The Struggle. Joe and Mac played with the band Break Away, but are no longer together. Mac is busy doing some solo work. 
Chris and Verd started a band called The Pennant Race, but are no longer together. They have just put a new myspace and may be reuniting for a few shows very soon. They have also played together in Hartford, The Whale.

Почему-то люблю группы с цифрами в названии. А если это команда из Нью Джерси второй половины 90-х - начала 00-х, играющая скоростной, драйвовый, беззаботный, угарный поп-панк, то тут вообще без вариантов. 37 Slurp записали лишь один полноформатный лонгплей, после которого распались. Бывшие участники образовали несколько новых команд, среди которых лично мне знакома только одна - Break Away.

37 Slurp - 2001 - When Things Go Wrong


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