Monday, July 7, 2008

Sugus [Old School Pop Punk/Spain]

Formed in Madrid in 1995, Sugus has been one of the main spanish melodic punk rock acts in its thirteen years of history. Highly influenced by bands as the ramones and early screeching weasel. Their first album, "Always look on the bright side of life" (Punch Records)combined catchy punk rock melodies, some snotty lyrics and hardcore influences to became and instant classic. After some years in which the band never stopped touring, their second album had to wait until 2003 to be released. "Highschool revenge" (Rumble Records), enterered some minor line up changes, and a poppier feeling, well described as spanish leather jacket punk rock. March 2008 is the release date for their third full lenght, "Learn to be a mornard", without any doubt, their best effort ever.

Трехаккордное безумие из Мадрида! Мужики играют еще с 1995 года, записали несколько релизов, надеюсь, запишут еще. Предпочитают играть быстро и угарно, ориентируясь на таких заслуженных деятелей сцены как Screeching Weasel, Ramones, Vindictives, Queers, 7 Seconds и тд.
Ну а теперь самое интересное. Если бы сам не увидел, то ни за что не поверил бы... Sugus подписаны на BELLS ON RECORDS :) Радует, что руководство лейбла интересуется не только гитарными извращениями аля Actionmen, но и вполне традиционном панк роком.

Sugus - Pure Fruit Punk

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