Friday, July 25, 2008

The Living Daylights [melodic punk/UK]

The band formed as the current line up in August 2007 and since then have played a ton of shows around the UK & Europe to promote their debut self titled EP which was released in January 2008. Along with recent Radio 1 airplay and countless reviews (from Big Cheese Magazine, Rocksound, Punktastic and many more) plans for summer look even better with the recording of their full length album and being featured on various compilation releases followed with autumn an winter UK & European tours.

Each member of the quintet bring influences to the table which make up the unique sound of The Living Daylights. being compared to bands such as Rise Against, Hot Water Music & Lifetime the band has still managed to keep their own identity with melodic and complimenting guitar hooks, hardhitting drums and singalong, catchy vocals.

Очень приятное звучание, как для группы, которая образовалась в 2007 году. Эдакая смесь из Райз Эгэйнст, Лайфтайм и Хот Вотэ Мьюзик, при этом всём группа не похожа на клон какого-либо из перечисленных коллективов, довольно оригинальна и самобытна. На данный момент могут похвастаться только прошлогодней ИПишкой, но и на том спасибо, будем ждать новых релизов...

Living Daylights, The - 2007 - EP
1. Catastrophe
2. Hanging On
3. The Burnout
4. Hidden In A Smile
5. Say It's Easy

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