Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Standing Down

Formed in 2004, Standing Down, comprised of Jack, Ben, and Corbin at the time, entered the local band scene without much support, talent, or a singer. However, for a year they continued to work on their ability as musicians and eventually recorded a 6 track instrumental demo. Unsatisfied with the band, they sought a vocalist, and found none other than Tim Davey. For months they wrote lyrics and many new songs. Then, they had their first show at The Living Room and from there on Standing Down knew they would continue to play out and create a huge fan base. In May of 2005, they entered the studio and recorded a 6 track CD, entitled "Bush To Join Elephants." Standing Down was no longer just a garage band. With CD's in every corner of the country and even some overseas, Standing Down will continue to rock the streets of Edgewood and annoy their neighbors.

Очень не плохая группа.
Распологаю только ЕР 2007 года - всего 3 песни, но песенки крутые ;))

Do What You Want! Sampler - 2007

1) All Natural Green Tea
2) The Better Half Of
3) Faith No More



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Broncho said...

ого! спасибо Димон, что открываешь новые имена!! щас заценим!

Punker182 said...

не за что, Саня!!! :)