Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Don Ramos Players [post hardcore, punk rock/UK]

We are The Don Ramos Players. What was originally going to start out as a solo project soon turned into a proper band. We look at this band as taking things back to when being in a band was fun. To go out on tour and meet new faces, play shows in towns we've never been to before, to write new songs with open minds. This is not technical, it's just a group of friends playing straight forward songs. No messing about. If you like it, then thats good. If you don't, then you don't. We can live with that.
Influences: Hot Water Music, The Lawrence
Arms, Small Brown Bike, The Loved Ones

Весьма крутой панк рок из Англии. Хотя по звучанию это вовсе не Британия, а самый, что ни на есть Гейнсвилль, США. Тут вам и хриплые вокалы, и бороды, которые еще выростут у музыкантов, и конечно же та самая атмосфера... Всем поклонникам творчества HWM, The Draft, The Lawrence Arms и прочих поющих любителей выпить рекомендуется к прослушиванию.

The Don Ramos Players - 2007 - The Don Ramos Players

1. All Cats Are Grey
2. Inkjets & Toners
3. Flash Your Medals
4. Contretemps
5. Red & Blue
6. Skyscrapers
7. Good Friend
8. Constantly Counting
9. New Western
10. Over, Under, Sideways
11. Our Own Endings
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