Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Until Next Time [pop punk, USA]

Until Next Time is not your Mohawk-wearing, life-hating, weird-baiting, geek-saving, garbage-waving,tide-riding form of punk.

Until Next Time is a high-energy, life-riding, love-creating, good-timing, volume-thriving, always-moving style of punk that energizes, fulfills, and entertains.

Always a tight sound, a bit on the edge, Until Next Time has been able to walk that fine line of representing true punk spirit without abandoning mass appeal.

Polished, rocking, and ready to go, the band prides itself for its high-energy, over-the-top live performances.
See them just once, and you won't want to wait Until Next Time.
Приятный нью скульный поп-панк из Вирджинии с небольшим креном в сторону эмо. обязательно должны понравиться поклонникам Taking Back Sunday и Brand New.

Until Next Time - 2005 - Things I Wish I'd Said
1 Stop And Think
2 Burnt The Envelope
3 Say Goodnight
4 Hold On
5 Cloud 9
6 Lacerations
7 Runaway
8 Your Hero
9 Sabotage
10 So Alive
11 Open, Close, I Don't Know


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