Wednesday, February 11, 2009


One of the new breed of Australian punk rock bands - class sound, raw lyrics and a stage show with no equal.

Formed in Geelong by a group of school friends and family the boys rehearsed in back rooms and garages. They played parties and then more significant gigs until they felt confident to put down some recordings. Amongst these were the anthemic "No Thanks To You". Hardrush Music picked up the track for inclusion on the Droughtbuster compilation.

Burgworth are:

Tim Mossop - Vocals
Warrick Mossop - Guitar
Mark Vigar - Bass
Vaughan Mossop - Drums
Mat Vretas - Guitar

Burgworth are fast becoming known for their exciting live shows. Having shared the stage with some of Punk Rock's finest acts, such as 'No Use For A Name' (USA), 'Lagwagon' (USA), and Australia's own Gyroscope, Grinspoon and Bodyjar, has provided a firm foundation for their musicianship to make the strongest punk rock show in the nation.

Hardrush signed the band in 2008 for their critically acclaimed first single "No Thanks To You" with promotion focused on Australia, North America and Europe. Hardrush management see Burgworth as the leading force in punk rock music not just within Australia but with international ramifications and sales.

Burgworth - Find Your Smile - 2006

1 - Find your smile
2 - Borrowed time
3 - No thanks to you

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