Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alex and the Klingons[Pop-Punk,Ska,Usa]

Alex and the Klingons was started when Alex Kling showed Justin Weir this song he had written called "Confused". This song was recorded by Alex, and Alex played all of the parts on it. Justin thought this was just swell and suggested they make a band out of it. They soon found David Campbell (who was playing in Headfirst) to play bass and Darin Webb to play drums. They practiced a lot and played at the YMCA and the Nile, and they even got around to recording a little cd. It was probably one of the most adorable things you'll ever hear, called "Musik 4 Duh Intelekshuly Inklynd". Soon David Campbell turned his full attention to Headfirst, so Justin asked his good buddy Sean "Goopy" DeBois to play bass guitar. He caught on fast, and was a perfect fit. The Klingons recorded two more albums to never be released with prestigious names such as "Back that Thang Up" and "Love is Retarded". Alex and the Klingons made it a point to never take themselves too seriously, and when Justin began to do exactly that it was time for him to get out. The Klingons kept going as a 3 piece for a while, writing more complex and interesting songs, but ultimately Alex found his true love in a band called Slowpoke (Mourning Maxwell) Justin and Darin got back together for a few bands (A Familiar Blue/troubleTROUBLE) and Goopy continued to play bass as much as he possibly could, but none of it could probably ever match the pure innocence and fun that was Alex and the Klingons. My primary reason for starting a myspace for a band that broke up years ago is this: Sean Philip DeBois - February 7th, 1982 - November 11th, 2004 You are missed

Неплохая и практически никому неизвестная группа из Аризоны,звучание 90-х годов,качество записи только такое,так что не ругайтесь больно,то что нашел,в меру быстрый,мелодичный поп-панк с ска замесами.

1999 - Back that thang up


01-better off this way
02-favorite commercial
03-confused (new version)
04-alex's dad is a cop
05-blank track
06-make up my mind
07-don t bug me
08-cherry flavored avacado juice
09-three weeks

1999 - Musik 4 Duh Intelekshuly Inklynd


01-Optimist's View
02-Gothic Girl
03-Lukie Lukie
05-In Your Dreams
07-Old Guy
08-Killa Beez

2000 - Love is retarded - не хватает треков 8 наверное,это все что было.


01-best enemies (emo version)
02-cherry flavored avacado juice
04-the end of something beautiful
05- three weeks
06-what s wrong with me

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