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A-OK (hardcore punk / Curitiba, Brazil)

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Весьма старая бразильская групп из города-мечты Куритиба!!! (
Поют весьма драматичным вокалом и это, наверное, то что мне в них не нравится smile.gif

A-Ok started in Curitiba, in the year of 1997. Since then, it's already been 9 years on the road, building a nome wich today is very well-known, respected and registered in Brazil's Underground Music History and abroad. By playing with a lot of passion, a unique sound style and great stage skills playing live, they make the audience go wild. Each performance is one of a kind, and it keeps getting better and better. All over the press, A-Ok has been considered as one of the best bands in Brazil. Their releases include participation in a few collections (pressed and virtual ones), a 5-track demotape and an independent 9-track CD. These last two releases were very-well accepted by their hometown crownd. Their first oficial release was the CD "Aprecie com Moderação" in 2001, released with "Terceiro Mundo Produções Fonográficas" (at the time, it was property of the band Dead Fish from Espírito Santo). This CD was the one that opened all the doors for A-Ok. The band started being more played and well-known in more serious ways of communication, recorded a video-clip and they could finally show their live performance in most of Brazil's major cities, with an excelent acceptance and posterior demand all over Brazil's territory. Their second official album, released by São Paulo's Nitroala Records in 2004, is called "Absurdo". Guitar duels, sincronicity and a hell kitchen and melodic and agressive vocal lines stabilish even more A-Ok's sound persona and brings foward the technichal habilities of each one of its members. As a reward for all this work in 2004, the band was invited to represent the Brazilian Hardcore (sang in good and old Portuguese) em foreign lands. They amazed them all. The Eruopean tour went through 4 countries (Germany, Netherlands, Austria and Tcheq Republic) and brought an unique experience to the band. A-Ok impressed with their style, technique, skills and the result of that were countless invitations for a second-coming and future record deals. 2005 was the year of the long-waited 3rd album, "A-Ok ao vivo" (the Live album). The best sound professionals in Curitiba working with a single goal: to put on a record all that A-Ok is on stage and make the listener fell what the interaction between band and audience is like during the concert. That process made this moment last forever, sounding just like it was: flawless, no adjustments of sound corrections, and the final result was way better than the expected. 2006 is the year to explore its own bounderies. It's been already 6 months since the beggining of the new album's production, and the band promises to release something totally new and unexpected, as usual. The second European tour is already schedulled for September, this time with a better structure and a public that already knows their music. Doubtless, A-Ok has marked its own style in the World Underground Music, and today it is among the greatest and most important underground band names. Its music, its lyrics and its passion for rock, showed each and every concert, have become a reference and an influence to the new generation day after day, all over Brazil, and now, all over the world. ||

A-OK - Aprecie Com Moderação [2001]
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# Preconceito
# Incógnita
# Cativeiro
# Diantedomar
# Caminhada
# Um motivo para sangrar
# Sonhos
# Refúgio
# Em sinal de alerta
# A-OK
# Onda
# Missão
# Sempre
# Um Erro
# Tempo Cert

A-OK - Absurdo [2003]
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01. Intro
02. Individualismo
03. Associado
04. Sentimento incapaz
05. 30 anos em 3
06. Em primeira pessoa
07. Audiência
08. Passagem de responsabilidades
09. Intervalo
10. A estrada e o caminho
11. 3 notas ou 7
12. Tempo que passou
13. Aversão à novas idéias

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