Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Did Fine (skate punk, hardcore punk / Helsingborg, Sweden )

картинка, оставленная пользователем
Фирменная Швеция, пацаны!

We started the band back in '96 or something. Got a new drummer around '98, and things started to get serious. After a couple of demos and some cooperation with Posh Boy Records the band disbanded in 2002.

In 2003 Peter joined the hardcore/punk act When We Fall from Gothenburg and Andreas gave birth to a post hardcore band called LOS. After four years the members of LOS decided to end the band. R.I.P.

By this time Andreas and Daniel is in the process of bringing I Did Fine back from the dead. Who the other members will be is not yet set. Hopefully Peter and Martin can be involved in some way.

There are two old songs to listen to here. Those two songs are from the latest demo. Be sure to check in here for some new songs. Hopefully we can have two new songs uploaded in a month.

See you all in the pit!!!
Andreas, IDF

Послушайте новые песни на майспейсе, там просто ад!!!

Demo [2007?]

1. My Own Way
2. Jerry's Song
3. Night After Night
4. Bottom's Up
5. Astray
6. Give
7. Wall of Illusion
8. For How Long

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XXX said...

В 3 постах ссылки на Los Isotopos - Elite Punk [2007]

Broncho said...

упси, сейчас исправлю!

Åke said...

Har ni bara ryska fans, Andreas? Eller är det gamla fina sovjetmedborgare? Walk on, broder!