Friday, November 20, 2009

Kerb [melodic punk rock / Perth, Australia]

Мы уже выкладывали эту группу раньше, но теперь помимо этого альбома в качестве 320, выкладываем другие два ЛП и Ипи. Приятного прослушивания!

We've already posted this band before.
But now we have it in 320 kbps quality.
Also we'll post other two albums from Kerb
for your listening pleasure!! Enjoy

Kerb - Nobody Here But Us Walruses [1998]

01. Linski
02. I Could Marry Here
03. Blame
04. Ordinary Day
05. Girls
06. Institute
07. La La Land
08. Some Old Lady
09. Will To Live
10. Down South
11. Say A Prayer

Kerb - Falling Out EP [2004] 

01. Falling Out
02. Agree 2 Disagree
03. Family Ties

(Спасибо, RISEEE! :)

Kerb - 3 Chords And The Truth? [2004]

01.Maybe It's Luck
02.One More Chance
03.Breathe Again
04.Game Of Life
05.Beneath The Same Sky
06.Produgal Guy
07.Record Contract Bums
08.Throw It All Away
09.Yankee Again
10.Weapons Of Mass Election

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