Friday, May 29, 2009

VA - A Day In The Life Of (2005)

A Day in the Life Of... is a compilation, and the majority of the tracks come from the best demos New School has received in the past few years. Many of the artists have recently become part of other established labels, such as Nitro, Over Giver, Bettie Rocket and more. Genres range from pop punk to skate punk, giving listeners a chance to hear some of the best music from bands that haven’t yet hit it big. This compilation is a must for anyone who loves being the first kid on the block to know about up-and-coming bands!

Очень крутой сборник с New School records. На мой взгляд, одна из лучших pop punk/skate punk компиляций. Тут собраны как песни команд, подписаны на самом лейбле, так и демки, которые приходили от молодых групп, желавших влиться в сторойные ряды New School.


1 800 Octane -Day Of The Dead
2 Hospital Food -Standing Still
3 7-10 Split -Torn
4 Scallywagon -No Resolve
5 Spare Lead -Round Like An 8
6 E.C.O. -Wanna Bet
7 Bad Apple -The Lonely Road
8 Not Long After -Tough Confession
9 Nuclear Saturday -Anti-Climax
10 Off The Record -Losers Never Win
11 Shop11Phoenix -Believe It's True
12 Twenty2 -Slip
13 Pensive -Another Unknown Tragedy
14 District 7 -Beyond The Shadows
15 No Trigger -Call It A Day
16 Bottomline -Happy Endings
17 CounterACT -Beyond Hope
18 Makeshift3 -Six Hours To Phoenix
19 Poorsport -Stand Strong
20 Mourningstar -Ambience
21 Gametime -Take This Girl
22 Lollygag -Believer
23 Twirpentines -Veritas
24 Fed*Up -Narcissist
25 Tripshot -Take Two
26 High Noon -So, You're A Cheater
27 3X Over -We're Coming Back
28 Crane -I Really Care

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Roman said...

отличный сборник :)