Friday, May 8, 2009

None The Less (melodic punk, pop-punk / Granada Hills, California)

None The Less was formed in late 1995/early 1996 in Granada Hills, California by longtime classmates vocalist/bassist Brian Rush and drummer Raj Sharma. Later joined by high school friend vocalist/guitarist Billy Giovannelli. Over the years, None The Less has had a few band member changes, but the None The Less of today is comprised of four members; Raj Sharma, Billy Giovannelli, guitarist Anthony Cortez, and bassist Scott McLaughlin. The Band has a diverse influence ranging from old to new punk, rock, metal, etc., which makes up their unrelenting punk sound.

None The Less released its freshman attempt in 1996 entitled "Tales of the Chupacabra" which was self released under Low Budget Records, at the time both Billy Giovannelli and Brian Rush were sharing lead vocal duties that gave the band a duality of hard and melodic punk. They released their first album 1998, entitled "Out of Excuses" on Ibex Records recorded at Stall #2 with Darian Rundall, which reinforced their writing talents and their hard melodic punk sound. Some time after Brian Rush left to pursue his college education and the two newest members Anthony Cortez and Scott McLaughlin brought new life into the band. They then begun writing songs for their newest album, "Simplest Terms", recorded at Stall #2 with Darian Rundall.

Influences: No Use For A Name, Slick Shoes, Strung Out, Nofx

Подобные инфлюэнсы явно не с проста... Они настораживают. Вероятно, будет что-то цепляющее, мелодичное, дико драйвовое и наверное даже быстрое. Да, всё именно так. Калифорнийцы None The Less играли очень толково, имели представление о том, каким должен быть панк рок.
Группа не из разряда проходных. Я в шоке от того, что они не стали "большой" командой, так как датчик хитовости их материала просто зашкаливает.

Не пропустите!

None The Less - 2000 - Out Of Excuses

None The Less - 2002 - None The Less

None The Less - 2002 - Simplest Terms

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Broncho said...

датчик хитовости, Леша :)
классно сказал.
Действительно приятные парни, нравятся! Спасибо тебе за них и за старания!

Lisa said...

Where could I find some of their music?

broncho said...

You mean some more of their music? Cuz there's already three albums posted