Monday, December 8, 2008

King's Tonic

King's Tonic stand for full of pressure kick-ass rock with the full serving of punk manner. After two German-wide tours and an increasing number of international shows in the United States, Russia, China, Great Britain or South East Asia the guys have proofed themselves in more than 200 shows and have won a lot of fans throughout the countries.
Without timeouts the band has been untiringly on tour for a good five years and has ploughed every small place as well as the big festivals.
Uncompromising punk rock numbers combined with soulful ballads and a dynamic stage show lead King's Tonic on and on to the top of international punk rock bands and this way the boys are about to rock every audience simply about the heap.

Толковый панк рок из Германии. Недавно услышал их, очень даже недурственно, скажу я вам. Не то что бы мозг выносило, но есть очень цепляющие, хитовые вещи, которых так не хватает во многих релизах последних лет. В плане звучания могу сравнить их с земляками Donots.

King's Tonic - 2008 - Fuck Your Neighbour
02.Rise Before You Fall
04.Bad Trip
05.Fuck Your Neighbour
06.Eddie Would Go
08.Ease the Pain
11.Ready to Run
12.FYN Drum-In-Face-Mix (Bonus Track)

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