Thursday, December 25, 2008


Hating Nate since 1988 [HN-88] began in Santa Fe, New Mexico in January of 2006. HN-88 was the “brain child” of Nate King and Tim Brown. The guitarist for HN-88, Kyle Tapia, met Tim and Nate at a Halo tournament that Tim was holding. Everyone was amazed at how he beat them. Kyle’s sister chimed in that he “was better at guitar than Halo”. Nate and Tim got to thinking that having a third member would be a good idea. Kyle joined as the guitarist in late February.

All bands need one thing… a place to play! HN-88 has a one of a kind practice pad. They play in a 85 year old, run down, abandoned house, in the middle of the desert. The house gives them complete freedom; they play as late as they want as loud as they want!

HN-88’s sound is derived from a collaborative interest in the rock and puck genres. Some of their major influences include Blink 182, Yellowcard, The Offspring, Rise Against, and many many more. As much as these groups influence the songs and creativity of the band, the chemistry that Kyle, Nate, and Tim share stems from much more than their love of music. Music is what they want to do, but it’s only that way because they're doing it as band members and as close friends with the same ambition and lifetime goal.

HN-88 has set many stages for their music career; by seeking the best equipment on the market, playing venues in the local community, and currently recording their EP. HN-88 will have new songs up soon! The band seeks to play on many stages that they find as landmarks of there lives, the most inspiring has to be the Vans Warped Tour. HN-88 is looking to bring music to their local community as well as any one who wants to listen.

“We are fighting to be inspirational musicians to others, and to inspire our listeners the same way our favorite musicians and their music have influenced us.”
-Nate King

Из нынешних поп-панк групп, мало кто играет именно такой поп-панк...за что их собственно и люблю :) Вообщем ценим, друзья ;)

[HN-88] - Revolution In Progress - 2008

1. Same Old Shit 2:53
2. Love! What or Need? 5:07
3. Here I Stand 3:40
4. Stars Are on Our Side 3:39
5. Life as it Is 2:30
6. Creating a Hero 3:38
7. At the Door 4:23

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Broncho said...

оу, ты же говорил что нет возможности заливать!
Молодец! :)

Punker182 said...

ссылку нашел :) и тут же: "БИИНГО!!! Создам тему!!!" :)))