Monday, March 13, 2017

Under the Influence [RE-Upload]

Крутейшие чуваки из США. Играют мощно, напористо и быстро! Удалось найти отличную и информативную рецензию:

Under the Influence started in the early 2000’s when Stephen Michael Sencion began performing music under the moniker p*dubb. What began with rap beats, somehow morphed into punk rock with a heavy influence from punk icons Pennywise.

In 2008, he had an idea to play a live show to showcase the punk rock he had been working on as a solo artist in the past years. He gathered some musicians – JP Gomez on Drums, Jaime Lizarraga on guitar and Gonzo Zamora on bass – and practiced for about a month to prepare for that show. It was supposed to be a one-time gig but after that day in early November of 2008; they’ve never stopped – thus birthing Under The Influence as a band. Jay Esparza later joined the band as their new drummer and recorded this album with the boys in Under the Influence in March of 2011.

Released back in 2011,  Funeral Party begins with the instrumental title track – a soothing acoustic number that eases your way into the album. Then these California punks kickstart your heart when My Way Of Life begins to hit your eardrums all the way to the final track, Allah.

Every track speaks of something new, and grounded. p*dubb’s lyrics were honest, in your face and thought provoking, challenging the everyday norms of society, religion and everything else you could imagine. He also has a lot of introspective words and he has a peculiar way of song writing; asking of questions as opposed to most songwriters who preach and claim to know it all in their lyrics. ‘Funeral Party’ put p*dubb in the forefront as the primary songwriter for music and lyrics on this album, showcasing his abilities as a singer, songwriter and giving you a taste of his musical style. If you’re fans of Pennywise or the So-Cal punk scene; then Under the Influence just might be your new influence. The high intensity of the songs make you want to see them live. I suggest that one listens to this album at an extremely high volume – the louder; the better! (с) Ashley N. Milholland 

Under the Influence - Funeral Party - 2011

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Anonymous said...

You can reupload the album? the song 3 is damaged

Punker182 said...

sure, I'll re-upload it soon