Sunday, April 24, 2016

Underminded Youth

Чуваки из Нью Джерси. Качество записи слабенькое, но крутостью некоторых песен можно проникнуться и с таким качеством.

After a long road of b.s. and band members Underminded Youth is now comprised of 3 punks destined to keep the punk rock spirit alive. A way to describe us is mentally laid back, stripped down, original pop-punk. Known for our energetic stage performance and stable following. (c) interpunk

Underminded Youth - Underminded Youth - 2001

2nd full-length from this Trenton based pop-punk band. 30 minutes of pure pop-punk insanity garunteed to have you jump around to their catchy hooks and sing along choruses. A must for any follower of N.J. punkrock!!! (с) interpunk

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Bakla said...

this reminds me of something straight out of the mid 90's, I could have seen these guys opening up for the White Kaps