Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Gnarly Swell

Очень разноплановая группа из Мэдисона, штат Висконсин. Два чувака из A Gnarly Swell играли так же в Hey Jackson. На ютубе смотрел видос, а там в коментах есть такая строка "Long live the Swell! RIP Mike." Майк это один из участников сабжа.


Very diverse group from Madison, Wisconsin. Two dudes from A Gnarly Swell played as in Hey Jackson. Watched a video on YouTube, and in comments there is such a line "Long live the Swell! RIP Mike." Mike is one of the participants in a band.

A Gnarly Swell - Mahocker [EP] - 2005


A Gnarly Swell - Alcoholocaust - 2005


A Gnarly Swell - New Stuff - 2006


A Gnarly Swell - 2006 - Singles For Lovers
A Gnarly Swell - On WSUM [Live On The Radioshow] -
all in one file
A Gnarly Swell - Unreleased & Unfinished

http://www.mediafire.com/?6efsi8ra3a62ul6  - not my link!


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