Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kept (fast, melodic punk rock / Sweden)

Получили вот такой вот комментарий на блоге:

"Hi! awesome site! I recommend you check out my fast melodic punkrockband from Sweden called Kept.
We recently released our second EP, Detours & sidetracks and would really appreciate if you would review it and post it on you page.
You can check out our profile at you also find artwork, bio, photos and more here.
You can download the EP for free at If you need any other information don't hesitate to contact us at Sincerely Erik // Kept "

И конечно же, решил создать отдельный пост с этой командой.
Kept - Detours & sidetracks EP (2011)
1. Erased
2. Finding Out
3. Flag held high
4. Newsflash
5. Upper class villain
6. Used and Abused

We've received this comment on our blog and decided that this band deserves a separate post. Hope the band does not mind :)

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