Thursday, July 2, 2009

Expect Nothing [melodic hardcore punk / Israel]

Someone in comments asked to post this band to our blog :)
Pretty tense hardcore punk from Israel.
 // Кто-то в коментах попросил их перепостить. Наши израильские друзья играют мощно и неожиданно.  Ссылки спер у Кхета :)
Expect Nothing is an israeli punkrock foursome from the center of israel which started sometime at early 2006. after about a year of writing material, we started playing shows with many local bands, mostly in the swamp of tel aviv city. all of us are playing and used to play in other bands such as, Hikokiri,Haninirim,Asura,The Backliners,Junkyard Kids,Together,Evil Weasel,Phony Pony,The Power Pellets any many more... these days we finished our debute record which is called "the movie eatery" so we look forward to that. until then, hope to see you at one of our upcoming shows! the nothings.
 01. Product
02. Your story
03. Tomorrow
04. Masquarade
05. Temporary
06. Late drive home
07. Human waste
08. Dear critic
09. Business
10. Albert
11. My ride
12. Remedy

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