Thursday, January 8, 2009

Frantic Zero [melodic punk, USA]

We were Frantic Zero. We broke up in May of 2008 after two years of reppin’ it for the Morris Park section of the Bronx. During our existence, we were known for playing slightly above satisfactory sets, writing fast, emotionally driven songs, and drinking and womanizing during and after our sets. We have a free album you can download featuring ten songs plus a track of outtakes. You should download it and listen to it. It's actually quite listenable.

Малоизвестная команда из Нью Йорка. Ребята играли мелодичный панк рок в духе фэтрека 90х. Довольно таки редкое явление для 2008 года в США, должен сказать. Записав альбом в том же 2008-м Frantic Zero распались.

Frantic Zero - 2008 - Asleep At The Wheel


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