Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Skyline Collapse [Melodic Hardcore / Metal / Punk / USA]

Hi! We're a band. We play punk / metal / hardcore influenced music. We've been privileged enough to share the stage with such bands as Strung Out, Death By Stereo, Strike Anywhere, The Lawrence Arms, The Draft, Guttermouth and many more. We're still growing as a band, and we'll never stop doing so. If you like what you hear, feel free to add us on here and tell your friends. Enjoy!

Хорошая банда,довольно таки достаточное количество соло изворотов,хотя порой это надоедает,ну и вокал очень нравится.Давненько я ничего не заливал:)Потихонечку будем исправляться.


2006 - The Fight For More

01-A Strenght Emerging
02-Cogito Ergo Sum
03-Endless Journey
04-Finding Home
05-In the Name of False Prophets
06-The Resistance
07-This Year
08-When Cities Fall

2008 - Skyline Collapse

01 - Remedy For Corruption
02 - Challenge The Ghost
03 - Betray
04 - To Move Forward
05 - The Awaiting Future
06 - Pull Us Through
07 - Suck-Cess At Repetition
08 - Verstehen
09 - Song For The Imitator
10 - See No More
11 - The End
12 - No Lights, No Camera, Just Action

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