Saturday, June 28, 2008

30 Amp Fuse[Pop-Punk,Old-School,Usa]

With their musical that has been described as "crunch pop," 30 Amp Fuse has provided their hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee with a high speed of aggressive power-pop. Debuting in 1995 with their first full-length Wind Up, the line-up of Mike Smithers (vocals/ guitar), Jason Ratliff (drums) and Joshua Bentley (bass) followed with a signing to the BMG distributed label Dedicated. Resulting in the album Saturday Night at the Atomic Speedway, 30 Amp Fuse had the production backing of The Descendants Steve Egerton and Bill Stevenson to coincide with their fast paced styling. After moving on to Melted Records in 1998, the bands third album Rewind was soon released that same year. ~ Mike DaRonco, All Music Guide

Не напрягающий поп-панк с олд скул звучанием,любителям данного стиля наверняка понравится,разыскиваются еще 2 релиза мною:)
Кстати а вот их инфлюинсы Hüsker Dü, The Replacements, The Ramones, Buzzcocks, Descendents, ALL, Dinosaur Jr, Superchunk, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, GBV, My Bloody Valentine, Rush.Enjoy!

1995 - Wind-Up


01. 30 Amp Fuse - Sorry
02. 30 Amp Fuse - 6 Feet Under
03. 30 Amp Fuse - Push Means Push
04. 30 Amp Fuse - St. Patty's Day
05. 30 Amp Fuse - Locket
06. 30 Amp Fuse - Everclear
07. 30 Amp Fuse - All Day Afternoon
08. 30 Amp Fuse - Enough is Enough
09. 30 Amp Fuse - Godsend
10. 30 Amp Fuse - Q&A
11. 30 Amp Fuse - Tonight
12. 30 Amp Fuse - Dynamo


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SpUnK said...

очень хорошая команда... чувствуется влияние поздних Descendents. приятный, душевный поп-панк

Утиный Пляж said...

Да да,неплохие ребятки,у нас Спанки новый автор еще из Канады:)Его Брончо нашел на техскейтпанке.

SpUnK said...

ага, я в курсе, только пока еще не вижу от него постов :) он по-русски шарит? :)

Утиный Пляж said...

я не знаю шарит лион по русски,но Брончо сказал норм парень:)